What Spiritual Awakening is

people_woman_in_tunnelA lot has been, is and will be said on spiritual awakening but what is rarely said is that it is the most simple thing that will ever happen to “you”.

Spiritual awakening is often imagined as a sudden sort of magical projection in a world of light, peace and happiness, detached from the reality of the daily life, it is not the case at all. This is just a fantasy elaborated by the mind.

Spiritual awakening simply is the realisation that you are not just that limited, and changeable person defined by a name, traditions, a culture, a past and a specific personality but that you essentially are that permanent field of awareness in which that impermanent person seems to exist along with the rest of the world. It is that permanent field of awareness where all experiences rise and subside that I call Presence, it is your permanent self, your essential nature, it is the main subject of that little book.

Spiritual awakening is often considered as something gained from accumulating more and more layers of spiritual knowledge and spiritual practise but it is actually the opposite. Spiritual awakening is about dropping and letting go, it is about calling off the “horizontal” search in the world of thoughts and realising that what you are searching for, YOU, is HERE and NOW. Not just as a person, a body, a mind, an emotion but essentially as pure presence.

8341958004_bebb3734e9_bAwakening is just the revelation of a new point of view, a shift of the gravity centre of consciousness, it does not suddenly change the substance of the personality but it does remove a lot of the fears and anxiety attached to the sole identification to the impermanent non-self. The establishment of peace and happiness is a gradual process that will naturally unfold as the new found vision is embodied and integrated into the personality.

Spiritual awakening is not an achievement like building a house. When it happens there is nothing left to look at, there is only presence. Awakening happens when all layers slowly accumulated by the mind have collapsed, this is what spiritual awakening is all about, you walk out of the river of impermanence to embrace your real permanent naked nature as pure presence. It is also at that point that the real post-awakening work begins. It is a subject that I will largely cover in this little book.

Spiritual awakening is just a temporary milestone. The embodiment of the new found vision after awakening is a gradual process that will unfold over time. Hence, awakening does not define, in any ways, a man or woman of good character. Embodiment is an unpredictable process as it greatly depends on the nature of the personality, its specific lines of least resistance, the opening of the heart and the history attached to its mental, emotional and physical substance.

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