Monthly Archives: January 2021

A little lantern on the path

  1. The anomaly of suffering is the clear signal that this mind-made reality is completely failing to fulfil the deep longing for peace, happiness and harmony which is embedded in all life forms.
  2. What we consider to be our reality is simply an arbitrary projection of our limited individual and collective state of consciousness.
  3. Our individual and collective state of consciousness is currently driven by a compulsive and unconscious identification to the processes of the mind. The illusion of separation it induces is the main cause of suffering.
  4. Spiritual awakening is the process through which our true nature, the true-self, becomes aware of itself as the only permanent and ever-present source of meaning, peace and happiness, dissolving in the process the illusions of the non-self.
  5. By opposition to the non-self, which is a product of thoughts, the true-self manifests itself as pure presence and pure awareness. It is not limited and individualized but “shared” by everyone and everything as a unified field of pure consciousness.
  6. The true-self cannot be known by anything else other than itself hence spiritual awakening can only be achieved by the subjugations of all form of identification to the compulsive mental processes through reasonable self-enquiry and direct experience.
  7. Spiritual awakening is a rebirth to a virgin and pristine state of awareness, but it is a baby-like state of consciousness which must be stabilized and integrated with the substance of our experience. The embodiment particularities are bound to the colour of the personality.
  8. The direct result of the individual and collective awakening to the reality will be an influx of true compassion, progressively resulting in a complete change of paradigm and the alleviation of fears and sufferings.
  9. The complete three steps process that goes from the sleeping state of complete identification to the mind to the awakening of the true self to itself followed by the final stabilization in a form is clearly illustrated by the following Zen teaching:

” At the first level on the path, he saw mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers. On the second level of the path, he saw that mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers. And at a third level, he saw once again mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers.”