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Start from a Blank Page

identity-795260_960_720Spiritual awakening is not about gaining more knowledge, it is on the contrary about unlearning everything the mind has defined for you and to start from a blank page.

Conditioning is a powerful thing. You suddenly appeared in a world. You were given a name and you started developing a sense of self associated with that sound. They taught you moral principles, maybe you were given a religious education to take you even further away from what you are, you learned the right from the wrong and you developed a value system. You now have more or less defined boundaries, you are an individual clearly separated from the rest of the world but you forgot what you essentially are.

After all, the story could end here, “…and the non-self-lived happily ever after”, but direct experience shows that this is never the case. What is impermanent is subject to the cycles of birth and death, of pain and pleasure. What is impermanent comes and goes in space and time, it is relative and limited and it is the nature of duality. The non-self-quest for peace and happiness is doomed from the start as the non-self is an impermanent state of consciousness, it has no reality. The non-self, the ego is not an entity, it is just a thought in consciousness, nothing else.

pen with hand. color from tungsten lamp

If you are looking to re-discover your essence you must start from a blank page and erase everything that has been written on it since you appeared into this world. When all words, ideas and concepts have dissolved all that is left is a blank page and you, object-less presence, is the nature of the page.

What you decide to write on it is up to you, but once you know you are the page, you are in a safe place, you are established in Presence, your own pure presence.

Starting from a blank page is to stop taking your current reality for granted and to stop letting the mind define it for you. The deconstruction of the reality elaborated by the mind is an important step towards spiritual awakening. It is what the Christ indicated in his parable “…and no one puts new wine into old wineskins…”


From Seeking to Awakening

ptg01497158When I started my spiritual quest, I would have never thought that awakening was a simple process. My mind was full of colourful “clichés” but I would not see that what I was seeking was already “with me”, that I was already there.

My mind was just excited and way too busy with its excitement to pay attention to my presence, my permanent nature, it was probably too simple and did not fit the little story of awakening that my mind had created.

I am not sure that my mind, at that time, would have wanted to awaken anyway. Especially if it knew it would never “happen to him” but that he would just dissolve in the process.

Before awakening, you will think that you are an individual that is going to awaken, but it is an illusion. What awakens is the presence in which the mind activity occurs, this is an important key to awakening.

Before awakening, most of the seeking activity is operated by the mind at the “horizontal” and dualistic level of the world of objects, forms and labels, the realm of the mind. “Which spiritual strategy and techniques am I going to adopt?”, “Should I concentrate on my chakras?”, “How many times a day should I meditate?”, “Will mantras help me to awaken?”, “Should I wear amethyst to attract positive energies?”, those questions reflect an activity essentially polarised at the level of the mind.

566b5b5681716There is no permanent individual “in there” but there is a real tangible triangle of substance-energy-consciousness that we call the personality and that personality is the instrument through which Presence operates, consciously or unconsciously. Transfiguration simply is the process through which that personality is finely tuned and optimized after awakening.

It wouldn’t be wise nor correct to say that the activity of the mind has no part to play in awakening, it is a useful tool, but only when it serves the partially awakened presence not when it completely runs the show for its own gain.

Mysteriously the mind is also a manifestation of Presence but as it manifests as the mind, Presence appears to “disappear to itself”. Hence the necessity to be able to, initially, witness and control the activity of your mind, is the first step to awakening and, in that regard, meditation can be useful.

It is not easy to say what triggers awakening, it would seem that all experiences are different, intimate and often very abstract. What I can surely say is that an intense desire to stand in the fire of the truth motivated by an open heart and a pure impersonal intent can only accelerate the process.


“Cogito ergo sum”? Not really!

The mind is a wonderful tool when it comes to referencing, connecting, assessing, measuring, labelling, categorising and understanding. Thanks to the mind we can formulate thoughts and express them with words, manipulate the mental substance and create images, understand the world around us, and adapt and interact with it.

The mind only becomes a problem when it starts to veil our true nature and begin to run the show. When the mind activity has completely filled the conscious space of our presence the illusion is complete and the non-self comes into existence.

The mind is considered by the majority to be the highest form of conscious activity in a human being. This executive decision has been made by the mind which cannot see that it is just a substratum, an emanation of pure consciousness, Presence.

Rene_DescartesThe famous “Cogito Ergo Sum” of René Descartes illustrates this type of executive decision made by a mind cut off from its source, pure awareness. “Being” is not “thinking”, “thinking” is just a manifestation of “being”. This compulsion to attach our sense of self to the mind and to its fluctuating activity is the main cause of suffering, it creates the great illusion of separateness.

Mental activity is in no way a sign of consciousness. You can presume that you have the potential “to be” but until the mind is seen for what it is, an impermanent manifestation of the true self, there will be no true beingness.

Most education systems are built on the limited view that the mind is the ultimate conscious principle in a human being and that the development of the mind is the best and only possible path to personal accomplishment. That approach makes matter worse and reinforces the illusion of separateness with all the dire consequences that ensue.


What Spiritual Awakening is

people_woman_in_tunnelA lot has been, is and will be said on spiritual awakening but what is rarely said is that it is the most simple thing that will ever happen to “you”.

Spiritual awakening is often imagined as a sudden sort of magical projection in a world of light, peace and happiness, detached from the reality of daily life, it is not the case at all. This is just a fantasy elaborated by the mind.

Spiritual awakening simply is the realisation that you are not just that limited, and changeable person defined by a name, traditions, a culture, a past and a specific personality but that you essentially are that permanent field of awareness in which that impermanent person seems to exist along with the rest of the world. It is that permanent field of awareness where all experiences rise and subside that I call Presence, it is your permanent self, your essential nature, and it is the main subject of that blog.

Spiritual awakening is often considered as something gained from accumulating more and more layers of spiritual knowledge and spiritual practice but it is the opposite. Spiritual awakening is about dropping and letting go, it is about calling off the “horizontal” search in the world of thoughts and realising that what you are searching for, YOU, is HERE and NOW. Not just as a person, a body, a mind, or an emotion but essentially as pure presence.

8341958004_bebb3734e9_bAwakening is just the revelation of a new point of view, a shift of the gravity centre of consciousness, it does not suddenly change the substance of the personality but it does remove a lot of the fears and anxiety attached to the sole identification to the impermanent non-self. The establishment of peace and happiness is a gradual process that will naturally unfold as the newfound vision is embodied and integrated into the personality.

Spiritual awakening is not an achievement like building a house. When it happens there is nothing left to look at, there is only presence. Awakening happens when all layers slowly accumulated by the mind have collapsed, this is what spiritual awakening is all about, you walk out of the river of impermanence to embrace your real permanent naked nature as pure presence. It is also at that point that the real post-awakening work begins. It is a subject that I will largely cover in this little book.

Spiritual awakening is just a temporary milestone. The embodiment of the newfound vision after awakening is a gradual process that will unfold over time. Hence, awakening does not define, in any way, a man or woman of good character. Embodiment is an unpredictable process as it greatly depends on the nature of the personality, its specific lines of least resistance, the opening of the heart and the history attached to its mental, emotional and physical substance.

The Nature of the Ego

egoThe ego, or non-self, is a localised crystallization of consciousness manifesting as self-awareness and a sense of identity. The mind and its dualistic discriminating nature are the main driving force behind the formation of the ego.

In spiritual circles, the ego is often considered as an enemy that must be destroyed at all costs. It is important to realise that the ego is not bad per se, it appears so In this world because a large majority of human beings are ruled by the mind and manifest therefore all the negative aspects associated with a vision driven by separateness.

The ego essentially is a lens, a point of focus, through which the infinite becomes finite, the objectless Presence manifests itself through a personality with defined characteristics. Before awakening, Presence seems to “disappear to itself” in the process and identify itself to the non-self. After awakening, Presence progressively starts to manifest itself consciously through a gradually transparent and transfigured personality.

The energetical process behind the formation of the ego is natural and must be understood. This process is vital and without it, the infinite would not be able to manifest itself in the world of forms.

laser-focusIf you ever played with a magnifying glass under the sun to burn a piece of paper, you surely realised that to produce some serious heat you need to reduce the size of the focus point until it becomes very tiny. This analogy can be applied to human creative expression. Identity is essentially a focus in and of consciousness on a particular set of characteristics that it can identify to. Self-awareness is the result of that focus. You become what you think you are. The clearer that definition the more confidence you will have and the more impact you will have as an individual.

As awakening is taking place, the relatively stable but temporary point in consciousness that we identified to for a long time, the ego, will eventually start to dissolve. That stage can be difficult and is often referred to as the “dark night of the soul”. The parable of the old wineskins that is found in the bible points to that mysterious process: “No one puts new wine into old wineskins, or else the new wine will burst the skins, and it will be spilt, and the skins will be destroyed. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved. ” (Matt 9:17; Mk 2:22; Lk 5:37-39)