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Spiritual awakening, then what ?

No, experiencing a spiritual awakening will not grant you the ability to conjure elves or fairies to assist with household chores such as washing dishes or cooking. Your landlord or bank will remain indifferent to your newly discovered consciousness, and they will continue to expect timely payments for rent or mortgages. In essence, you will not be able to evade your human nature or the obligations of daily life.

I won’t delve into my interpretation of spiritual awakening in this article, as I’ve already explored that topic in previous articles.

Upon experiencing a spiritual awakening, the core of your identity elevates to a higher or deeper level, depending on your perspective. This signifies that you are not solely identified to your transient persona; rather, you recognize that you are essentially the universal presence in manifestation.

Seemingly mundane aspects of life become enchanting. You discover your ability to make a positive impact through your actions and words, and you grasp the true meaning of empowerment. Daily routines transform into playgrounds of enjoyment, as you come to understand that you are life in action.

You start to perceive others as extensions of yourself, becoming aware of the flow of energies, the contagious nature of your enthusiasm, and your genuine ability to channel beauty and harmony in the present moment.

As I write these lines, I acknowledge that this may seem like an intricate and convoluted reinvention of a natural process inherent in nature. Regrettably, humans have strayed so far off course that we must rediscover our path through peculiar thought patterns and algorithms, as exemplified in this blog.

Contrary to the aloof demeanor many spiritual teachers portray, spiritual awakening doesn’t eliminate the need to confront your humanity daily; it merely alters the experience for the better, benefiting all and everything.

To gauge the authenticity of a spiritual teacher or self-proclaimed guru, don’t just listen to their eloquent words. Instead, consult their friends, speak with their spouse, and observe their behavior in the world. Are they living from the heart or ensnared by a concealed ego?

It’s crucial to acknowledge that maintaining a consistent spiritual practice is essential for keeping your vision and heart aligned. Regularly reconnecting with the source is a vital aspect of this process.

A global spiritual awakening will take time, but once established, it will fundamentally change the world and the routines of its inhabitants. As a unified humanity, our objectives and aspirations will shift, fear will substantially diminish, and the potential of this new humanity will be limitless. It is our hope that, as we approach the end of this civilization, this transformation occurs sooner rather than later.