ptg01497158I embarked on my spiritual journey as a teenager. During that time, I eagerly consumed countless books on religion and spirituality. I was passionate about uncovering the deeper meaning of life, as I could sense there was more than what I had been exposed to thus far.

It soon became apparent that most genuine spiritual paths led in the same direction. Although the language varied, I sensed a singular essence beneath the multitude of forms. My goal was to discover this unifying truth.

Nature has always been my muse, the focus of my meditations and reflections. The sky, trees, and rain, all were symbols guiding me toward a living reality. Nature served as a portal. Eventually, I recognized that there was no separation between “me” and Nature; I was Nature, observing itself, and in that realization, I caught a glimpse of Oneness.

One day, while observing myself in meditation, it dawned on me that there was no need to strive for truth. Reality was immediately accessible through the recognition of only What IS, and by surrendering to that undeniable Presence.

A significant milestone was achieved when I understood that it wasn’t “I” who was experiencing the world, but rather  Presence itself—experiencing my mind, body, and the world around me.

This awakening, however, proved to be a temporary illusion—shifting consciousness from form to formlessness, from being something to being nothing/everything. It marked a necessary departure from ego, but it was merely a stepping stone on the journey.

True realization lies in the harmonious integration of form and formlessness, of the temporal and the eternal, and of human impermanence with the everlasting Presence. This union is an embrace of Love.

Through this blog, I share insights into my spiritual experiences, acknowledging that there is no ultimate destination and we are all perpetual learners. I have no lessons to impart but merely share my journey. My experiences may resonate with you or not; either way, I am simply adding my voice to the universal choir.