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Wisdom is Balance

2000px-Yin_yang.svgAfter being engulfed by the material world and the world of objects for a long time, the realisation of the impermanence, inherent to the substance, can lead the ego to a new form of excess, the rejection of the world of forms.

When the illusion of the personal identity starts to dissolve, it progressively becomes apparent that all there is energy/substance and consciousness. Everything now seems to emerge from apparent nothingness (words are confusing more than revealing here). ¬†everything is meaningless, actions unnecessary, and thoughts, words and concepts become enemies number one. Those tendencies are particularly pronounced in Neo-Advaita, it is the after-effect of “mental awakening”, the opening of The Eye,¬†and those tendencies will be present until consciousness passed through the 3rd gate.

Contrary to popular belief, awakening from the ego does not mean that you suddenly start growing wings and can live the rest of your life away from your little pre-awakening routine. The world of form is still there. You are now aware it is an impermanent state but it does not evaporate magically. Naming things is still convenient, and using an identity is also useful, it was there before, but it is still there, the only difference is how those things now appear on the screen of Awareness.

Many non-dual “teachers” are living in a permanent state of duality without realizing it. Before they were obsessed with their ego, now they are obsessed with the absence of ego, isn’t that a bit ironic? They were living in a world of objects, now they are hypnotized by the formless. It is essentially a higher form of duality but duality nonetheless. Wisdom is absent here. Wisdom is inclusive, it is Love, and it includes, embraces, and unites. The recognition of the illusion of the ego is not realization, it is just the emptying of the vessel before some new life can rejuvenate it.

Wisdom is the warmth of life in the accepted and embraced the reality of the substance. Wisdom is not achieved by seeking or striving but just by letting go and embracing the Now in its spirit/matter dimension which is essentially One. The source of peace and wisdom is nowhere else to be found.

“I was substance, I was spirit, I Now AM”… Wisdom is Balance.