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“Cogito ergo sum”? Not really!

The mind is a wonderful tool when it comes to reference, connect, assess, measure, label, categorise and understand. Thanks to the mind we can formulate thoughts and express them with words, manipulate the mental substance and create images, understand the world around us, adapt and interact with it.

The mind only becomes a problem when it starts to veil our true nature and begin to run the show. When the mind activity has completely filled the conscious space of our presence the illusion is complete and the non-self comes into existence.

The mind is considered by the majority to be the highest form of conscious activity in a human being. This executive decision has obviously been made by the mind which cannot see that it is just a substratum, an emanation of pure consciousness, Presence.

Rene_DescartesThe famous “Cogito Ergo Sum” of RenĂ© Descartes illustrates this type of executive decision made by a mind cut off from its source, pure awareness. “Being” is not “thinking”, “thinking” is just a manifestation of “being”. This compulsion to attach our sense of self to the mind and to its fluctuating activity is the main cause of suffering, it creates the great illusion of separateness.

Mental activity is in no way a sign of consciousness. You can presume that you have the potential “to be” but until the mind is seen for what it is, an impermanent manifestation of the true self, there will be no true beingness.

Most education systems are built on the limited view that the mind is the ultimate conscious principle in a human being and that the development of the mind is the best and only possible path to personal accomplishment. That approach obviously makes matter worse and reinforce the illusion of separateness with all the dire consequences that ensue.