From Seeking to Awakening

Embarking on my spiritual journey, I never imagined awakening to be such a straightforward process. My mind was cluttered with vivid misconceptions, preventing me from recognizing that what I sought was already within me— that I was already there.

Overwhelmed by excitement, my mind was too preoccupied to acknowledge the presence of my unchanging nature. It seemed too simple, contradicting the narrative my mind had constructed around spiritual awakening.

I’m uncertain if my past self would have even desired to awaken, especially upon realizing that it wouldn’t happen to the “him” but would rather involve its dissolution.

566b5b5681716Before awakening, one often believes that it is the “individual”, which existence is not questioned,  that is going to awaken. This, however, is an illusion. What truly awakens is the presence in which mental activity takes place, this is an essential key to spiritual awakening.

In the early stages of seeking, the mind operates on a “horizontal” and dualistic level, focused on the world of objects, forms, and labels. Questions such as, “Which spiritual strategies and techniques should I use?”, “Should I focus on my chakras?”, “How often should I meditate?”, “Will mantras help me awaken?”, or “Should I wear amethyst for positive energy?” reveal an emphasis on the mental realm.

While there may not be a permanent individual within, there is a tangible combination of substance, energy, and consciousness that forms our personality. This personality serves as the instrument through which Presence operates, either consciously or unconsciously. Transfiguration is the process of fine-tuning and optimizing this personality after awakening.

It would be neither wise nor accurate to dismiss the role of the mind in awakening. While it can be a valuable tool, it must serve the partially awakened presence, rather than dominate the process for its own benefit.

Interestingly, the mind is also a manifestation of Presence, but as it manifests, Presence seems to lose sight of itself. Therefore, the ability to initially observe and control one’s mental activity is a crucial first step toward awakening, with meditation being a helpful tool in this regard.

There’s no single formula for what triggers awakening, as experiences tend to be diverse, personal, and often abstract. However, I can confidently say that a strong desire for truth, fueled by an open heart and selfless intent, can undoubtedly accelerate the process.


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